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    We are a hygiene rating auditing agency that helps you assess
    and audit your food business. We ensure that you understand the hygiene
    rating, FSSAI Ratings, and much more with proper food safety inspections.

Company Profile

Astraleus Services Private Limited (ASPL) is one of the best food rating auditing agencies that is customer centric and helps to ensure that every individual gets the best food services most hygienically. We support the organizations to have an innovative, independent, technical, quality & safety service auditing and assessment from the team of experts at ASPLCERT. We are dedicated to providing future-proof solutions through technological excellence for the success of its customers with the highest level of integrity.

ASPLCERT is a non-accredited company that focuses on the EAT RIGHT CAMPUS, providing Assessment, Auditing, and certification in the field of Hygienic Rating, Food Safety Management system, Quality Management System, Environmental management system, Occupational health and safety management systems, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), Information Security Management System (ISMS), Good manufacturing practice (GMP), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Organic certification.

Why US

ASPLCERT is a dedicated and successful organization that works in auditing, assessing, and certifying food-related services to develop trust among the customers with a complete understanding of their operations and specific requirements.

We are happy to offer our clients comprehensive facilities and perks. Some of them are:

  • Committed, Highly Qualified, and Experienced Personnel.
  • Cost Effective Solutions.
  • Customer Focused Approach.
  • Open Communication.
  • Full Time Service.
  • Comprehensive Assistance.


We have a vision of providing our customers the most prosperous and reliable services and becoming a leading quality assessment, product certification & training organization in the World. We aim to prosper in the field of FSSAI Certification, Food Safety & Hygiene Auditing, and Rate the food business to deliver the best food services worldwide.


We aim to work as a neutral & independent partner for assessment, training, product certification, and other areas to deliver economic values to customers & assist in the management of their assets, projects, products, and system, resulting in performance improvement & risk reduction.

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