Procedure For Management Of Impartiality And Conflict Of Interest


To provide a framework for operation of Inspection Schemes in an objective and impartial manner to enhance client confidence in Inspection Services.


This covers impartiality issues related to Inspection/Auditing Schemes


3.1 Director is responsible for management of impartiality in the operation of inspection schemes

3.2 In charge IS/HRAA is responsible to ensure implementation of management of impartiality in the operation of inspection schemes.


4.1 The ASPL IS/HRAA undertakes inspections activities in an impartial manner without any discrimination

4.2 ASPL IS/HRAA has ensured impartiality in its operation and has established an impartiality committee on which a broad-spectrum of interests is represented without any predominance by any one interest to oversee activities of inspection to ensure impartiality.

4.3 ASPL IS/HRAA is responsible for the impartiality of its inspection activities and it does not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality.

4.4 ASPL IS/HRAA is a part of legal entity of ASPL but no conflict of interest exists between IS operation and operation of other functions. The information on activities performed by the other functions of ASPL is maintained up to date in the context of conflict of interest.

4.5 ASPL IS/HRAA has conducted risk analysis and it identifies risks to its impartiality on an ongoing basis at least once a year unless any aspect of risk comes to light earlier. It has included those risks that arise from its activities, or from its relationships, or from the relationships of its personnel.

4.6 The relationships do not necessarily present a risk to impartiality. But the Inspection Service anticipates that their staff may encounter situations where undue pressure is applied and has established the following measures to counter such pressures: a) Guidance to staff on acceptable behaviour.
b) Creation of systems to record and respond to such instances.

4.7 When a risk to impartiality is identified, ASPL IS/HRAA has developed measures to demonstrate how it eliminates or minimizes such risk through risk analysis (See ASPL-IS-02). It ensures that all the decisions taken are based on objective evidence of conformity or nonconformity obtained during the inspection process by competent inspectors.

4.8 ASPL- IS/HRAA has the following statement from the top management expressing commitment to impartiality.


The ASPL Inspection Services recognizes and understands the importance of being impartial, and of being seen to be impartial, in carrying out its inspection activities through:

  • Identification of potential conflict of interest,
  • Elimination / just resolution of any conflict,
  • Impartiality of inspection personnel,
  • Impartiality of committee members,
  • Ensuring objectivity in inspection activity.


4.9 ASPL IS/HRAA is independent to the extent that is required with regard to the conditions under which it performs its services. Depending on these conditions, it conforms to the minimum requirements stipulated in Type A inspection body

4.10 ASPL IS/HRAA ensures that all inspectors sign declaration of impartiality


ASPL-IS -G4.1-01 Guidelines for Impartiality Committee
ASPL-IS -P4.1-01F01 Impartiality & confidentiality statement from inspection personnel
ASPL-IS -P4.1-01F02 Impartiality & confidentiality statement from committee members
ASPL-IS -P4.1-01F03 Impartiality & confidentiality statement from subcontracted personnel