Food Safety Audit

ASPL providing audit in food safety ,Food safety and quality audits are used widely in the food industry for various reasons (to evaluate management systems, obtain certifications to certain food safety and quality standards, assess the condition of premises and products, confirm legal compliance, and so on). Nowadays, the increased interest of consumers on food safety and quality matters, triggered mainly by recent food scandals, has enabled the public and private food sectors to develop a variety of food safety and quality standards.

Food safety audits are conducted by organizations for a number of reasons. For example, auditing is an essential part of the process of obtaining a certificate, while other reasons can include:

  • Evaluation of the management system or prioritization of management actions.
  • Objectives of commercial nature.
  • Evaluation of suppliers or fulfillment of customer requirements.
  • Evaluation of incidents occurring at other facilities/organizations.
  • Regulatory or contractual requirements