Process For Getting Hygienic Rating Certification From FSSAI

Step 1.

Request from FBO Regarding HR Audit through mail to us.

Step 2.

We will take Enquiry from FBO in our prescribed form.

Step 3.

After getting enquiry form, we will analysis the form and then send the Quotation to FBO.

Step 4.

On acceptance of Quotation from FBO, We will give the tentative date of Audit,

Step 5.

On acceptance of tentative date form FBO, we will conform the date of Audit.

Step 6.

After Conformation of date, we will send Auditor detail, if any objection from FBO regarding Auditor we will change the team of Auditor.

Step 7.

FBO need to apply online through Safeserve portal, Need self-assessment on portal and assign for Audit to Astraleus Services Pvt. Ltd.

Step 8.

Once date and auditor accepted from FBO, we will do audit on predefined date, Submit the report by Auditor to FSSAI Portal, on getting passing marks, Certificate generated through FSSAI SafeServe portal.